Monday, May 5, 2008

It's been a hectic week around here! First my 9yr old dd gets the stomach flu on Tues and is better by the next day. Then, low and behold, my 51/2 yr old dd wakes up and promptly gets sick on Friday! She had it worse and needless to say, I spent the day looking after her. And to top it all off, we had an appointment to take our newest member of the family to the vet's to get "snipped" on Thursday! Not much time to crochet needless to say!
Say hello to Knight ! He's a 20 wk old Yellow Lab X Border Collie X Shar-pei
(we think) X. And thanks to him, I have the carpet guys coming in tomorrow to steam clean the carpets! :0) Oh, well, he's cute!

Our money from the taxes finally came in so on Friday we went to Future Shop to get my belated Birthday present..a new digital camera!! Yay! Happy Dance!! Now, in order to see why this has me so excited, you have to know a bit about my old camera. It was a Kodak Easy Share, 3.1 mp, with a broken LCD screen. The new one is a Canon EOS Rebel XSi 450D ! It is 12.2 mp, and has more features than I know what to do with! We even bought the extra Zoom lens to go with it! Now instead of blurry, out of focus pictures of my crocheting, I can get sharp, clear, beautiful color photos of great detail! ...just as soon as I learn how to use it! (actually, I usually leave that up to hubby, then he explains it to me :0) My garden has been the happy recipient of my learning so far :0)

I've been trying to work on my freeform afghan...wall hanging (?) without Knight's help, so I decided to put it on our bed to work on it. "Not a good idea", said my back. I might have to block off part of the living room...

It's funny how things have a way of turning out in unusual ways when you least expect it. I started out using up some yarn someone gave me. It was a fine weight wool, with a twist of silk. It was also very old and the wool was falling apart :0( "Well", thinks I, "The only thing to do with it is to felt it. That way the felting will help hold it together." So I make a bag and decide it should be a decent size, but not too big as I'm thinking this yarn isn't going to felt much. Wrong! I ended up with a bag perfect for my 51/2 yr old! Well, she loved it and wanted it, so I figure, why not? Then my 9 yr old decides she loves it and wants one too. OK, I have enough of this yarn left. With the silk thread twisted around it, it gives it a very speckled look. The yarn is in a light minty green color and the bag is a round tote style with a slit in either side for handles. Then with the blue yarn I make a square style purse, also very tiny (they are all around 10" high approx. )

Now I still have some of each color left so I decide to make a basket or something. I start off with a round circle in blue, then, when the bottom is big enough, I do a ripple stitch around the bag for 2 rounds, then 2 rounds of green, then 2 blue, then 2 green and finally a round of blue. (I don't remember what ripple I did and now that it's felted it's hard to tell) I throw it in the wash and wait. The resulting basket it very unique, and quite cute! I'm really proud of my experiment and when my 9 yr old walks in I show it to her saying isn't this a cute basket. Well, she asks me to hand it to her and promptly puts it on her head and says what a cute HAT it is!! ROFLOL!! Every now and then she will pick it up and wear it around the house for a bit. Funny thing is, it DOES look nice as a hat!

Well today promises to be sunny and warm after our Saturday of torrential down pours!, so I think it might be a good day to play with my new camera... and get a few shots of my crocheting of course! :0)

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