Sunday, May 18, 2008

Necessity...the Mother of creativity!

Have you ever had one of those times when you were thankful you had your hook and some yarn with you? I had one of those this weekend. This weekend is a long weekend in Canada, so my husband and daughters decided we should go to the canal and fish. When we stopped at the small convenience store across the road to get some worms, I decided to get a coffee, but when I tried to drink it, the cup was really warm. Being a crocheter (and we know how creative crocheters are!) I grabbed my hook and some really nice cotton ww yarn I had brought along and proceeded to make a cozy for my cup! We also had a couple of friends along, who were suitably impressed that I could "whip something up" so quickly :0)

Here's my cozy. I was in a hurry to drink my coffee, so didn't even bother to weave in my ends:0) I figured I could do that later.

All I did was chain long enough to go around my cup near the bottom, then hdc in each ch across in the loop on the back of the chain and joined when I got to the end to form a circle. Then I would just ch 1 and hdc in ea st around for 4-5 rows. Usually I would then switch to 1 size larger hook for the next 3 rows or so, but didn't have the next size so just crocheted REALLY loosely instead. For the finish, I just did slst in next st, ch 1, all the way around. Quick, easy and best of burned hand!

Inspiration can come at any time...literally! A few nights ago I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. While I was laying there tossing and turning and thinking about how tired I was going to be the next day, it hit! Inspiration that is. I had been puzzling over how to do a certain area of the project I'm working on, when all of a sudden it hit me! I saw exactly how to proceed. I then proceeded to squint in the dim light from the alarm clock as I roughly sketched out my idea. (I have learned the hard way to keep a notebook and pen beside my bed. Yes, this has happened before and it is really frustrating when you wake up only to discover you've completely forgotten your wonderful idea!:0) I've also been known to buy a sketch book and pencil while I'm out shopping because I got a great idea and didn't want to forget.

Inspiration can come from anyWHERE as well. You wouldn't believe the amount of times others have seen a nice China pattern or tiled floor, and I've seen a nice afghan or scarf! My husband sees a fish he's just caught and I picture a really cool Amigurumi toy! My husband looks a little less confused these days when he sees one thing and I see something crocheted. :0)

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River Glorious said...

It's a nice cozy, even with the ends showing. Good job!