Friday, May 30, 2008

Talking yarn

Well, my best intentions are, unfortunately, not panning out as hoped. :0( I had intended to post several times a week, but due to a very pressing deadline on a very large project, my time has been very limited. I promise, after this deadline is done, I will try to post more often. :0)

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a ball of a very pretty yellow green Debbie Bliss yarn called Stella. I can't wait to play with it! It tells me it thinks it wants to be a free form scarf :0) Doesn't YOUR yarn talk to you? I have very interesting conversations with my yarn all the time.

Like the skeins of Berrocco, Cotton Twist yarn that called out to me in my LYS. One was a very pretty yellowy/ivory color that said it wanted to be the sand in a very nice shawl. The beautiful purple variegated skein piped up, "Yes, that's very nice and I would make absolutely gorgeous undulating waves in the ocean!". Well, after that, how could I NOT buy them?

After trying, unsuccessfully (the yarn was MUCH too heavy for the light, airy shawl I envisioned, AND there was no way the 2 balls I bought would make a decent sized shawl. Being a bit pricey, I decided something more special was in order. "Well", said I to the yarn, "what now?". The yarn thought about it for a while, then said "I think a nice evening purse, done in a nice wavy ripple pattern, with the sandy color on the bottom for the beach, and the purple waves rolling over the horizon would do very nicely!". I thought about their request for awhile, then proceeded to fulfill their wish. The body of the bag is finished. I am still debating the handles and I have yet to get to the fabric store for a suitable lining for it (I'm seeing a nice dark purple or light blue...), but it is looking quite nice so far. The yarn has good taste :0)

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