Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New toy

Finally! I have time to update again! Summer is turning out very busy. Youngest dd has soccer games once a week and practices once a week. Hubby loves fishing, so lots of our time is spent on the water in our boat, or shore fishing. It didn't help me find any time when we unexpectedly traded in our old boat for a new one :0) (I say unexpectedly, but really, hubby has been debating the issue for the past 2 years, and researching the last several months) With errands to run taking in the old boat and picking up the new one, transferring trailer plates, Insurance, etc and, of course, trying out our new toy!...I didn't get time for much of anything! How does this relate to crochet, you ask? Well, it just so happens, that the new boat has a huge glove compartment in it, cavernous enough to hold a good sized bag with my crochet in it! :0) YAY!! There also happens to be lots of room and areas for me to sit and quietly crochet while hubby fishes and the kids play. Perfect for everyone :0)

Here's a picture of our new toy.

It's even covered so I can still crochet even if it's raining :0)

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