Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting organized

I decided yesterday that I needed to get organized if I want to start submitting my designs. I proceeded to comb all of my files on the computer in order to make a list of all the designs I had. I figured I will list everything no matter what state of being finished they are in, that way I'll know what I have to work with. What I didn't realize was how many designs I actually had, especially ones with very little in the way of written instructions! *sigh..* I found a few in my projects bin as well, that I haven't found on the computer yet. (this could be harder than I thought!).

My next problem was finding a document with a design name, but no, or very little instructions and NO picture! Arrrgh! And, by the way, I seem to have a few of them. I think they multiply when my back is turned:0) Now to figure out exactly what they are, considering some of them I'd completely forgotten about. My next idea was to make thumbnail pictures of all the projects and put that beside the name on my list, that way at least I'll know what on earth the design is! I guess my camera will be busy for awhile. Once I have most of them recorded, I'll sit down and try to match up pictures and designs and put notes on each one as to what the status of the design is. (this could take a while! :0)

On a good note, it was just like Christmas! I never knew what surprise I'd find! LOL!!

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