Monday, August 25, 2008

I spent most of yesterday cleaning the basement. Yuck! I say Yuck because it is a partially finished basement and has lots of dust, bugs, and spiders hiding in the dark corners. The walls are framed and most of them drywalled. Only the spare room and laundry room to finish. Then the painting begins!

The reason I was cleaning it out was to get rid of the clutter that was driving me insane. OK, real reason, was to make more room for my stash! (yarn, books, patterns, magazines, etc:) I now have all of my downstairs yarn in the spare room, which will some day be my Design Studio (/ spare room)! It's the yarn I don't need right now, or projects I will finish at a later date. Once the girls are back in school, I will organize my upstairs yarn. That's the yarn I am a)using, b)want to use soon, c) like to take out and look at, pet, fondle, play with, etc, d) ALL of the above :0). It's all in 4 rolling bins with 3 large drawers and 2 small drawers in each one. As well as piled on top :0) along with books, magazines, patterns, tools, etc! (no wonder I can never find anything! :0)

Back to school is fast approaching for my 2 dd's. I found the cutest little girls Flower Girl Shrug designed by Jennifer Cirka in the June 2008 Crochet World I think I'll make for my 6yr old. It will make a nice addition to her school wardrobe for the days when she wants to be a little dressier.

My 10 yr old dd is more athletic. I might see if she likes the hooded zip up Cardi in the Back To School - Smart Set by Jane Snedden-Peever in the Fall 2007 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine.

Well, back to work getting some submissions ready to send in :0) I promised myself that after I get that done, I can take Myra Wood's book Creative Crochet Lace and my yarn and go play!

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Ellen Gormley said...

Jane Snedden-Peever's patterns are excellent! That will be a good choice for your daughter. My kids went back to school today!

I have a "crochet room" that my husband calls "the office" because he thinks that when we get furniture in there that I'm going to share with him. (LOL, that silly man!)