Monday, October 27, 2008

The party went really well! 6 of the 7 girls invited made it and fun was had by all:) I did manage to finish all 8 of the Webkinz witch's hats, just in time! Actually, the 7th one was finished when I got a few quiet moments during the party and the 8th was finished before the last 2 left (they stayed later)! I even managed to buy a chocolate cake mix at 8:30 the morning of the party and get it baked and decorated before the party started at 11 am!! Lol! Here's a picture of the cake. (yes, I know, it looks more like an owl. Shhh... don't tell my daughter. They all thought it was a bat:)

I now have another project on the go. I decided it was time to destash a bit, so I am making hats for the "needy" again. By this I mean that I take them to my daughter's schools and give them to them with the instructions that "any one needing a hat, gets one". This can mean a child from a low income family that can't afford one, or with parents that just don't care that their child doesn't have one, or even someone that just forgot their hat that day. It can get very cold here in Ontario in the winter (-20 - -30 celcius ! -4 - -22 Farenheit!) so some days a hat can be a life saver. (2 yrs ago I made over 3 dozen hats for my daughters school. Even some of the Teachers used them when they forgot theirs and had yard duty that day! Then last year I added to the pile)

I might see about scarves as well. hmmm... My older daughter's school also does a lot of charity work in the community as well as globally, so I will see if they know of any place else that could use them. This will all be done in between getting submissions ready, making Christmas gifts and stuff like that, of course:)

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