Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a great day for designing!!

Some days designing goes really well. I get my idea , start sketching, and grab my yarn and hook. I find the perfect place to submit the design to, and find the perfect yarn! Last week was like that. I had an idea, and sketched it out, wrote notes, etc. I decided what yarn I wanted to do it in and worked on deciding on where to submit. While I was thinking, the perfect opportunity came along!! Yay!! They even use the yarn I picked to do it in! Happy dance! Now to finish up the sketches, swatches and send them off. Then I sit back and wait.

I was just checking out my friend Ellen's blog (GoCrochet) and she had a link to a blog with some very pretty and unusual crocheted items.
O fil de lo . The crochet covered rocks is a cool idea. Wouldn't a bowl or basket of them look nice on a patio? Or they could be used as weights to hold down place mats and stuff on the patio table. The pieces of shell, crocheted around and joined into a necklace was very pretty. I have tons of shells I've collected over the years. I'll have to dig them out and have a look. I may have a new piece of jewelry and don't know it! :0) :0)

The Crochet Guild of America just announced the 2009 Design contest! It will be held at Chain Link conference this summer, Aug 6-9th. I'm putting my thinking cap on and deciding what to enter this year.

The weather is miserable today. The "light" showers they said we'd get are turning into torrential downpours! Yuck. The sky is dark gray and it's dark out. Oh well. It's the perfect kind of day to CROCHET!! I think I'll go get my stitch books out and play! :0)

PS - I've edited my last post for clarity and so I don't sound so snitty. I didn't mean it to. I was just having a day of frustrations. I apologize.

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