Friday, August 28, 2009

pictures and revision of afghan

I did it. I actually took pictures like I said:)

I have to make a revision to the afghan I told you I found. It isn't as old as I thought, OR the afghan I thought it was. I took it out and had a good look at it and looked at the pattern; it was from a book of afghans called "Sweet Dreams" 10 Baby Afghans to knit and crochet, by American School of Needlework. Book 1013 (13). It was called "Snowbaby" designed by Joan Kokaska and had popcorn stitches above every shell (which I left off as I wasn't very good at them at the time and I figured if I did them all, I'd never get the afghan done! :) I made a baby sized one for my dd and decided to use some blue and white yarn I had to make a bigger one.

There was another afghan in the book I always swore I'd make, but never got around to it's called "Bedtime Tales" by Julie A. Ryan. It is a zoo theme where the animals have 3-d tails! It's adorable.

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