Friday, August 28, 2009

Yarn haul! (aka: pay dirt! or: hitting the motherload!)

I made a considerable haul last week! A lady I know works at a seniors center and gets yarn donated all the time. Someone donated a LOT of crochet cotton but the seniors have a hard time working with such a small thread due to poor eyesight, arthritic hands, etc., so, knowing I crochet, she asked me to come pick it up! There are 29 balls of it!!

Don't they look like a bunch of pretty jewels? :) There were a few discontinued yarns like the 3 balls of Coats & Clark Speed Cro-Sheen in the top right hand corner.
And some I've never heard of like the 3 balls (2 cream and 1 silver grey) of Bernat Cassino. It's very pretty and has a slight sheen to it. The ball of Red Heart Lustersheen is old as well. I don't even remember the label like that! And the Walmart price tag of $1.44 for 2 oz. kind of gives it away; It's now $6.47 and 4 oz.!

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