Sunday, August 7, 2011

updated photos of the crocheted, felted free form ocean purse

Here are some more photos of the crocheted felted free form Ocean purse I was making myself.

Here's the front with the flap open. The handle on this side was made to look like seaweed or kelp. I even crocheted some free form coral.

Here's the back view. The handle on this side was made to look like different colored coral.

The greeny-brown, orange and yellow were originally the color of the base (off white) the colors were the result of dying the yarn with food coloring.

Here are a few sea life charms I added before felting in the washing machine.

Here;s a cool fish bead I found that I thought would make an awesome button to close the flap on the purse. Too bad it broke apart in the machine:( Hubby thinks he can glue it together with a special glue.

A cool spiral charm makes it look like a swirl in the water currents:)
A little fish swimming in the coral:)

Will post photos of the finished felted purse later. Still needs a liner put in as the finished purse is a bit roomy and is really hard to find stuff in. Also, stuff keeps falling out of the holes in the free form. I've lost a couple of pens this way;0)

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jd said...

what a cool purse! beautifully executed. thanks for sharing!