Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Halloween crochet

Now that the kids are back in school, I've had more time to get things done. I'm concentrating more on my etsy shop and getting more items made to post on it.

For my cup cozies and coasters, I've come up with some Halloween items. 

This is a really cool felted cup cozy for Halloween. The spider's web is hand stitched in a fine weight wool yarn. Each "anchor" line is stitched separately so that if one gets caught and breaks, it won't pull the others. Each line of webbing going across is separate as well. This pin is metal with black and white rhinestones on the body. I found it at my local Michael's craft store.

This is modelled after my Molar Coasters. It's a rotten molar! Every dental care professional's worst nightmare!!

This adorable little fellow is cute enough to make any child (or adult) smile:0)

This cute little guy is the Molar Monster!  He's what happens when a good tooth goes bad!

Don't they make a cute pair?

It's Frankencozy! Isn't he just adorable? :0)

All of these frightening little fellows can be found in my etsy shop and I'm listing more every day.

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