Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Comfortghans I designed for friends and family

I have had a busy year crochet- wise, but not for my business. I designed comfort-ghans for a dear friend going through a health crisis and his new wife, both VERY dear friends. I loved the one I designed in an ocean theme so much that I then made one for my mom and Grama! Lol. They were freeform crochet in each person's favorite color.  

A comfort-ghan is an afghan crocheted or knitted for someone going through a difficult time such as a health crisis, divorce, death of a loved one, etc. Its intended to bring them some comfort in a difficult time and to let them know someone cares and is thinking about them. I make mine more of a lapghan size so they can use it on the couch watching tv if they want.
This was the one I made in our friend's favorite colors, turquoise and brown. When he was diagnosed he said " I've got this. I'm a miracle." So that's what I had stitched on the centre square :0)
Here are some close ups.
I crocheted a large square, then sewed the fabric square on by hand.


Here is his wife's.
The shells and beads were pre-strung on the yarn. NOT a fun time! Lol.

Here are a few close ups.
This was to symbolize the unending love and support she has from all her friends and family.

I liked this one so much and had so much fun making this that I made my Mom and Gran each one!
Here is my Mom's.

Mom loves bright colors!

Her favorite flower is a Frangipani, but she also likes Hibiscus. The centers of the hibiscus have glass beads in them.

I loved making the cute little jelly fish! :0) The white streak above them is a white cap. I used a white acrylic yarn with opal metallic sequins on it.

I was especially proud of the job I did designing the volcano! 

Here is Grama's.
She loves more autumn colors; greens, oranges, and browns as well as pink.

The volcanoes are slightly 3-d. The streams of lava are fuzzy yellow yarn stitched in place and a bright pink yarn with a metallic thread in it. It actually starts in the top of the volcano which is a raised open hole. I used black for the fresh lava, then into brown and green to represent the dirt and vegetation that grows on an older volcano. 

The comfort-ghans were ALL very well received and cherished! :0)


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