Friday, March 25, 2011

a very productive day!

Today was a very productive day! :0) I taught a beginners crochet class at a local yarn/quilting shop, Pine Ridge Knit & Sew. I ended up with 3 students registering and actually teaching 2 ( one didn't make it as she was confused on the timing). It went very well and a good time was had by all:)
One of the students even ordered a child's crocheted hat from me!

We have plans to offer the class again soon, but this time on a Friday as I already have a student lined up. We may even offer more advanced crochet classes if we see a demand for them.

After class I stopped at the grocery store and one of the cashiers was really interested in my crocheted felted purse and possibly a hat as well. I didn't have a business card on me as I had just given out my last one, so told her I'd drop one off later. Later on when my husband came home we popped into the grocery store again (they had chicken on sale at a REALLY good price that we just couldn't pass up:0) and I gave her the card. As we were going through the checkout later she stopped to talk to me for a minute and now had a request for a pillow as well...with the British Flag on it! THAT one will definitely take some creative thinking on my part! lol. But it will be a really fun project that I am definitely looking forward to!

Contract crochet job...finished!

I just finished a contract crochet job. A lady brought me the yarn and pattern and asked me to crochet an afghan for her. The pattern is a diamond pattern made by using sc with ch's between worked with 2 strands held together. The original pattern was done in one color. My job was to incorporate a second color into the afghan pattern if possible. The 2 colors were black and red. This is what I came up with:)

The afghan is supposed to be approx. 48" X 64", mine turned out slightly larger due to the yarn being used.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The journey of the free form felted purse continues

Here's an update on the free form purse.... I dyed some more wool yarn using food coloring and vinegar. It is a bit more "turquoise" than the main body color, but not bad. I think once I dye some more yarn in red, orange and yellows and crochet some coral to put on, it should look ok. The color contrast didn't show up as well in pics as I'd hoped:)
Here's a close up.
To finish off, I want to add a coral/seaweed? handle and maybe a few shells / beads in the "sand"....
hmmmmm..... A pocket or 2 might be nice as well, then a lining that will show through the holes and enhance the look. More as the journey continues...