Tuesday, February 15, 2011

wool dyeing experiment

This is a partial skein of wool (Briggs & Little) sport yarn that I needed to dye to match the free form purse. I wanted to use Koolaid, but the blue pkg of Tropical Punch ended up being red, NOT blue:( So I decided to try food coloring which I had. I used blue, with a couple drops of lime green. The resulting skein of dark teal is what happened! Very pretty. Not really what I wanted for my purse maybe, but very usable anyway, just in another project:0) At least I now know how to dye wool using food coloring. I still have a full skein of bleached white, so I can always try again with just blue and a bit less food coloring:)

Being that it was so easy and very quick, I can't wait to get more wool and try more colors!!

Now for the hard part; waiting for it to dry!!

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