Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My daughter, the Gold Medalist!!

I just thought I'd brag a bit and let everyone know that my dd earned 4 gold medals and a silver in her figure skating competition on Saturday!! Yay!! (yes, I'm the proud Mom!)

Today has been getting paperwork and emails caught up and trying to clean off the desk :( I'm still hoping to get some crocheting in today. Tomorrow is another write off as I have to get groceries and get some shopping done. Although...that is ok too. I mean, what if a stray ball of yarn just happened to follow me home :0) I can't tell it to leave now can I? That would be rude! teehee:) I'm hoping to get to Micheal's this weekend. I haven't checked out their yarns lately.

We're trying to get a few things sorted out this month, then hopefully, soon, we can finish the spare room in the basement. That is going to be my design studio! (when we don't have company staying over, of course:) I'll finally have shelves to put bins on with my yarn neatly organized. (I can dream can't I? lol).

It's been so brutally cold here lately, so I've been crocheting hats to donate. I sent several in with my dd to her school for anyone who forgot theirs or don't have one. My daughter said the ladies in the office acted like it was Christmas! lol.

Well, I guess it's back to emails, cleaning the desk and catching up on paperwork!

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Ellen Gormley said...

Yay for Figure Skater Daughter! Very neat!