Friday, February 13, 2009

Yarn frustrations

I thought I'd talk about one of the frustrations I face as a designer. I'm talking about yarn. Yup, yarn.

As a designer, I get a great idea and start sketching. As I sketch and brain storm, I get more ideas! Things are going great! I'm on a roll! I can see it in my minds eye. The perfect design in the perfect yarn.

Step 2 is to decide where to submit it. I come up with a publication/ manufacturer that it would fit perfectly! I look at their call for patterns and my design is exactly what they are looking for!! Things are going so well, I'm getting goosebumps! I can feel the excitement!

Step 3: now I have to find out what yarn they want it done in. Yes, they quite often change the yarn color and brand and even sometimes the weight. But, if you submit it to a yarn manufacturer in a competitor's yarn, or use a yarn from someone who doesn't advertise with that publication, YOU WILL GET REJECTED, no matter how great the design is! That's where I sometimes run into trouble, choosing the yarn.

One of several things usually happen. A) the project is an environmentally friendly one and would benefit from being done in an environmentally friendly yarn ie) organic cotton, bamboo, etc, and being able to mention the enviro yarn as a feature would be a good selling point, BUT, the yarns they use/make doesn't include bamboo, organic cotton, or no cotton at all!

B) the perfect color yarn doesn't exist in the yarn they use/ make. They use brand x and brand y has the color you need.

C) they don't make/use the perfect yarn type ie) cotton, felting wool, etc or they don't have a very big color selection. You need felting wool, in specific colors and their colors are completely unsuitable. Sigh!

D) the perfect yarn type and color doesn't exist ANYwhere!! (darn imagination! lol! that's when I'd love a job as a yarn designer :)

I know the way to get a design accepted is to use the yarn they want. It's just frustrating to think that IF you could make it in the yarn you have pictured, it would be the most spectacular design in history. Unfortunately, you have to make it in the yarn available or the yarn they use and it won't show it in it's best light. Sigggghhhh. Back to the drawing board.

(yes, I know I can always submit to someone else who does have/use the yarn I want, but sometimes the project doesn't suit their format, or they use only in house designers. Sigggghhhhh....)

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