Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to get back into my blog writing!

I can't believe it's been over 2 months since I last posted. Well, I'm going to try to remedy that and post on a more regular basis.

My oldest daughter had to do a speech and chose "Mario" from the Nintendo games of Super Mario Brothers. The speech turned out really well and she is back up to go to the gym to present it if the winner backs out or is sick! Yay! Way to go! For her speech on Mario, she saw a Mario hat in Future Shop. Unfortunately, by the time the speeches came along and she decided on her topic, the hats were sold out! Of course her first request was "Mom, I need a hat like Mario's. Can you crochet one for me please?" I responded by asking what I thought was an innocent question; when did she need the hat by? Well, by now I should know better than to think anything with my daughter would be simple. The answer was? Tomorrow!

Well I surffed the internet thinking at that short of notice and not knowing anything about Mario, really, that I could find a pattern to quickly whip up. Wrong! Well, with my red sport weight yarn and my favorite 6mm hook, to work I went, with only a picture to go by:) (should I mention that this conversation all came about in the evening?) After a couple hrs of crocheting like mad and frogging equally maddly, I finally had the finished product! A red Mario hat with a white circle in which a red "M" resided prominantly in the front center! Initially, the brim was very floppy and curled so I grabbed the only thing I could find on short notice; a red pipe cleaner! I held it along the edge of the brim and crocheted over it. Not ideal, but it did in a pinch:)

By the way, the hat was very well recieved at school and admired by all; even the teacher:) I will try to take pics of her wearing it in the next few days and post them.

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