Friday, September 16, 2011

Up-cycled jean bag for me

I decided my daughter's up-cycled jean purse turned out so well, I would give my old favorite pair of Calvin Klein button fly jeans a new life! They were very old and had been "retired" due to great wearing in spots, but I hated to throw them away. I love the buttons on them!

Here they are after cutting the legs off. I'll probably use the legs to make a change purse and some of those microwave heating pads.

 Turned inside out to see how they look and lay before trimming them shorter.

 Trimmed and sewn inside out.
 And the final look after turning right side out.
 This is a gorgeous teal blue Batik material with various shades of greens, browns, blues and purples. Liner sewn and ready to install. I forgot to photograph the next part, but I sewed in several pockets for specific items; ie, cell phone (mobile), a tube of lippy, my business cards, of course!, credit and membership card wallet and a couple extra, just in case!

Tada! The finished purse!
 The handle is only temporary. It's a spare handle from something (not sure what) that I found in the house. I haven't decided what I want the handle to be yet... This one just clips on at the ends.
 This is a gorgeous wool blend yarn I had on hand. I just did a free form piece to go over the button to close. The colors matched the liner perfectly! It's like they were made for each other:0)
 The front pockets are perfect for storing my coffee cup cozies:)
 A pocket that's easily accessible for your lippy is a must:)
 And of course I couldn't forget my business cards. They need to be in easy reach! I placed it on the front side of the liner.

And there you have it! My up-cycled jean purse. A new life for a beloved pair of jeans:0)

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