Friday, January 6, 2012

These little girl's Flower purses were my 4th order. The customer also requested 2 little girl's matching berets to go with them. They were for a 3 and 5 yr old.

When the polar fleece liner is tucked into the purse, it not only keeps things from falling out, but I think it looks like a rose bud:0)

The hat was lined as well so the wool wouldn't be scratchy.

I always try to add a little Lady Bug button or something else whimsical for decoration to all my purses. After all, Lady Bugs eat nasty aphids:0)
Here's the lighter pink one. I couldn't have made the pattern match any better if I had actually tried to do it! lol What a happy coincidence:0)

Close up of the liner. The wavy part turns up. I just wanted to show that it can be folded down for easier access. This one looks crooked. It looked much better when it was blocked:0)

 Here are the matching berets. The little tiny one was my first attempt...a bit too tiny I think! It would fit a doll!! lol. Maybe I could sell matching dolly hats and purses? :*)

This is a tulip that was growing in my garden a couple of years ago. This was the inspiration for the coloring style used for the purses.

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