Thursday, January 26, 2012

I just finished another little girl's crocheted felted Flower purse! (all except the liner:) This one is a Fairy House Flower:)  Most of it is made using the Kertzer Persian tapestry yarn I bought (the big blue bag:)

 It started out like my other flower purses, then took on a mind of it's own!! Lol!

Here are some pics of it before felting.  
I didn't care for the petals so added to them a bit. Now it reminded me more of Tinkerbell!

 Once I got the idea for the handle, it made me think of a Fairy House! What's a Fairy house without a toad stool or 2? A Fairy decided to move into one of them:0) The unattached toad stool on the right is just an experiment. I might put it with the purse as a key chain or something or just keep it to use as a decoration for my plants....
The handle one one side was made to look like the stem and roots of a flower but made me think of a tree trunk and roots.
 Here's the curly vine like tip of the stem, just like in the Fairy books:)

 Here it is after felting in my front load HE washing machine.

 Here's a close up of the lone toad stool. I may have to make it some friends:0)
 Here's some beautiful batik material I found that will look great to line it with! The bright pink matches the purse and there's a hint of orange in it to match the purse. The curly lines remind me of Fairies. I'll line it as soon as it is dry.
Once it's lined it will be posted for sale either on my fb page: (Crochet A la Carte (Deidre Eyles) or on my etsy page: (

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