Friday, April 18, 2008

Fun crochet!

Well, I'm starting to get the hang of this :0)

One day when my daughter had a dental appt, I was looking at the Dentist's card, which was in the shape of a tooth. Well, the wheels started turning and I got out my hook and some yarn and crocheted a tooth. I gave it to the receptionist who loved it and showed it to all the patients coming in! She even showed it to our Dentist who laughed and said "Oh, a Molar doily!" The wheels started turning again and a couple of days later when we were back in the office for another appt, I brought along my hook and some ww white cotton yarn and voila! The "Molar Coaster" was born!! Everyone in the office LOVED it, especially the receptionist who howled with laughter when I told her it was a Molar Coaster!! (pun definitely intended!!)

Here's the cavity free version now :0)

I hope to post a pattern for this later.

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Kindred Hearts Designs said...

I love the pun! Your design is great too. Thanks for sharing.