Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Market bags, experiment

Well, a busy weekend is over and a new week on it's way! I didn't get a chance to blog over the weekend, as my allergies have started kicking in again and my head is so stuffy I can hardly think :0( Will give it a shot this morning anyway and see what happens :0).

I am getting more and more into Environmentally friendly crochet such as re-usable Market bags, beach bags, eco-friendly yarns, etc. However, I live in a small town and don't have a huge selection of stores where I can get yarn so I'm limited to what I can get in Walmart, Zellers and the like. So I try to make a difference for the environment any way that I can.

Here's a re-usable felted tote I made. It has a tree on it to represent the trees I'm saving by not using paper. It also represents what the Earth should look like with no garbage. Green and with lots of trees. The tree trunk and leaves are made to be pockets (note to self: make leaf pockets much, MUCH, deeper before felting! :0)

Here's the front before felting.

Back, prefelting.

Unfortunately, after felting, the details kind of melted together. :0(
See what I mean about the details disappearing? The trunk pockets are ok, but the leafy pockets shrunk and are now too short to hold anything! Arrrrgh!! The handles remained cool though! They are supposed to look like tree branches. I think this would be awesome in a non felted version.! hmmmm.... The hardest part was getting the colors I needed.

The multi color blobs were supposed to be bushes, also made into pockets, also too shallow.

The roots of the tree were so cool before felting! They were very 3-d and had a mossy green, pinkish novelty yarn mixed in for moss, flowers, etc growing amongst the roots.

However, after felting, they became indiscernible blobs! :0( (note to self: make one NOT felted!)

Even the base of the handles were made to look like tree trunks. This was before felting.

I still think I ought to make one NOT felted! :0)

Unfortunately I do not have a pattern for this. The bag itself was made with mostly hdc. The tree, bushes, etc was done freeform style and crocheted onto the bag as I went along, mainly because I hate to sew! In hind sight, the next one will be made and sew on after. The join as you go method was too tricky and time consuming :0(

Oh, well. Back to the drawing board!

It does make a very nice STURDY tote bag and I use it all the time.

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