Monday, April 28, 2008

more of my creations

Well, it was another busy weekend so I didn't get a chance to update my blog. Today is a dreary rainy day so what better time to Blog:0)

I thought someone might want to see some more of my creative moments! So here's a look at another creation of mine. Elann had a contest on their web site to create a bag. It could be a purse, tote, or what have you. It just had to be a bag of some kind. You could also use any yarn from their website, which meant it could also be felted, or not. By the time I came up with the idea (to create a purse to look like a flame to represent the Eternal Flame of Hope), ordered the yarn from them, and started designing, the contest deadline had arrived!...and GONE! Oh, well, I decided. I can always use a new purse :0) Little could I have imagined all the compliments I'd receive on it!

It's made of wool and felted. The dimensions were approx. 11.5" h x 14" w before felting and 8" h x 10" w after felting. I used a magnetic clasp (which I have yet to cover some how.), and made the handle to look like flames as well. The yarn was Elann -Peruvian Highland Wool and felted wonderfully!

Here's the front of the bag with the flap open.
Here's the back. As you can sort of see, the handles are made to look like flames as well.
I did sort of write out a pattern, but as of right now, it is pretty much chicken scratch notes :0) ! One day, I hope to make another one and write out the pattern properly.

Note to self: I think I finally figured out how to add photos properly!! (there's hope for me yet:0)

A couple of winters ago, I designed a beanie using all hdc. My daughters wore them to school and my 9yr old came home telling me that the kids LOVED them and that she told her class that if they wanted one, her Mom would make them!! She also informed me that she already had 3 orders and that several more kids were deciding what colors they wanted!! Yes, we had a talk about volunteering Mommy's services without her knowledge or consent. It turns out that one boy wanted blue with flames on it and one wanted orange and red. I made the blue one with flames and the boy who "ordered" the orange and red, promptly sent his back and ordered flames be added to his!! Now how cheeky can you get! I have NEVER received so much as a thank you or by - your - leave from the boy (or his parents!) who wanted flames added to his orange and red hat!! My daughter has also told me she has never seen him wear it. Guess what? He will never get another thing from me!
On the other hand, the boy who ordered the blue with flames will get anything he wants. His parents called to say thank you and he has thanked me several times himself! His parents have also told me he will not wear any of his other hats, including his favorite hockey team hats and will not take his hat off. He even wears it in the house! His Mom has to sneak it away to wash it! Now that's gratitude.
I don't have a pattern per say (sp?). I just made a beanie in hdc (staring with 8 and increasing as per the usual way) then used sc worked in the rows below the row I was working on and varied which row I used, to get different heights. (confused yet? :0).

Here's a pic of it. No, it's not a giant mushroom:0) That's my banister it's resting on. This is the one that didn't say thank you.

Well, that's about all for this morning. I hope to get some more pics this afternoon and post some more.

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