Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nature's Inspiration

The past couple of weeks have been spent going on year end class field trips, getting year end teachers and bus drivers gifts, taking Knight to puppy Kindergarten and practicing with him, finishing a couple of projects up, etc...!

The first Field trip we went on was to a local Conservation area with my daughter's Kindergarten class. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. It started off with the kids being different kinds of animals.
Here's my daughter being a turtle :0)

Later on, we went for a walk across a field. This butterfly was beautiful and made me think of a delicate flowing crocheted shawl.
As we meandered across the field, I came across these tiny white flowers. They made me think of a fine weight green yarn with a very light sprinkling of white flecks. I would use it to make a delicate lace tank top or maybe a wispy flowing shawl.

After the warm field, we took a hike through the cool shade of the woods.
This spot looked so peaceful with the warm sunlight, cool shade and softly babbling stream, that I found myself longing for a soft mossy stump, my hook and yarn and a bit of time to enjoy what Nature had to offer...... maybe another day......

Both my daughter and I immediately thought of Harry Potter when we saw this knarly tree branch. :0)
This flower was so lacy looking. It reminds me of the big clumps of fluffy snow we some times get in the winter. It would make a nice pattern for a soft fluffy afghan.

Even the mosquitoes inspired me....to figure out how to crochet mosquito netting!!! LOL!

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